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Spokane has been chosen to host four significant

events from nationally acclaimed ministries

  • August 9: Spokane hosts Franklin Graham and the Decision America tour
  • September 22: Spokane and Northern Idaho will host Focus on the Family’s ‘Wait No More’ conference on foster care and adoption
  • September 22: Saturate Spokane begins which will place the Jesus Movie in the hands of every household in Spokane
  • November 1: Spokane welcomes the national conference of Aglow International

This is a tremendous opportunity for Spokane!  For quite some time there has been a stirring in the spirit that God is up to something here.   After decades of prayer from thousands of intercessors we may very well be on the threshold of a great spiritual awakening and revival!  The baton has been passed to us to finish this race – let’s run our course with love, zeal, wisdom, and the power of the Lord!

What is the Spokane Prayer Surge?

We are in a battle for the heart and soul of Spokane!  This battle will not be won by politics, socio-economic policy, or cultural upheaval.  It will be won through PRAYER!  The Spokane Prayer Surge is threefold:

  1. Beginning June 25th, churches and ministries all over the Spokane Region will be focussing their prayer meetings to persistently ask God for the soul of Spokane, for the spiritual ground to be tilled and prepared to receive seed, for local fellowships to be prepared to receive new converts and to effectively disciple them. All are invited!

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  1. Beginning June 28 Prayer Walks at the fairgrounds will be conducted in preparation for the Franklin Graham crusade August 9th

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  1. This year The Washing, a 90 hour prayer and Bible reading marathon,  joins the Spokane Prayer Surge. The Washing will be held beginning at 6:30 pm on August 5th. For more information about The Washing and how you can get involed click on the button below.

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